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Important Facts To Know

  • An insured customer may take their car to the auto body repair facility of their choice, even if their insurance company has a preferred shop list.

  • Different paint brands match factory colors differently so paint quality is essential to a perfect match.

  • If an insurance company declares a vehicle a total loss they may still put in what's called a final bid to the auto body shop and have the car repaired if the customer wishes to save the vehicle.


What to do after a collision

Contact your insurance company
Contact your insurance company as soon as possible after the collision check your policy, as some policies require notice within 24 hours. Your insurance company is there to help you deal with the other parties involved in the collision. Some insurance policies provide for a rental car and towing, if needed, so be sure to ask them if in doubt.

Choosing A Collision Repair Facility
You have the right to select the repair facility that will repair your vehicle.


Family Owned Business

A & G Autobody is a full service auto body repair shop. We specialize in all types of collision repair and auto restoration.

We're a family owned business and we've been serving the San Francisco Bay area since 1986. We offer competitive prices, and we're located right in the heart of San Francisco's Western Edition.

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